Jun 23, 2008

New Product...

After a crazy-busy weekend I was dead tired and my feet were exhausted from dancing in those heels! Well, with that said...I found a new product that I LOVE! It's called Arbonne. I decided my feet needed some tender loving care so I used the Awaken Sea Salt Scrub, the NutriMin C Body Serum, and the Nutrimin C Hydrating body lotion on my feet. They feel and look like "Buddah"! Oh la! La! I'm ready to face a busy week!

The exfoliating action of the sea salt scrub — enhanced with the Awaken Essential Oil Blend — sloughs away dead surface cells revealing brighter, healthier-looking skin. The pre-moisturizing body gel contains powerful botanicals that help protect the skin against damaging free radicals. The product is absorbed quickly, leaving skin ready for the NutriMinC® RE9® REfinish Hydrating Body Lotion

Speaking of your skin...

When it comes to your skin, every day is sun day ... no matter what the weather. Solar rays can do damage year-round, so make sure you focus on preventing harm to your skin with BefoRE Sun. Since 90% of the visible signs of aging [that´s actinic aging] is due to sun exposure, Arbonne´s BefoRE Sun products are formulated with technologically-advanced Nanospheres, and other RE9® anti-aging elements, to support skin befoRE the damage is done.

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