Sep 12, 2014

Land Park Soccer in Full Swing

My daughter is in her first year of Land Park Soccer.  .  She is on a team with her cousin and a few friends from school.  She wasn't quite sure what to think of soccer the first couple of practices, but she now seems to understand it and really enjoy being out on the field kicking a ball with her friends.  

The Land Park Soccer Club is a non-profit youth soccer organization that was established in 1978 by a group of dedicated parents and volunteers. The goal of the Club is to provide Land Park area youth the opportunity to play organized, recreational soccer.

Approximately 1,400 kids play soccer in Land Park Club with more than 175 adults volunteering their time to coach and run the organization during the August to November soccer season.

Jul 1, 2014

So Long June...Hello July!

We ended June attending the last Pops in the Park Saturday at McKinley Park.  It was a nice 96 degrees...and yes, I say NICE because we have been sporting 102-106 temps lately.  We found a nice spot in the shade to share our "Americana" themed picnic, cool beverages, and fun friends as we listened to Garratt Wilkin & the Parrotheads: A tribute to Jimmy Buffett.



Jun 17, 2014

Balloon Fun at Pops in the Park

Balloon Fun at Pops in the Park Saturday, June 14th at Glenn Hall Park
This Father's Day, Karly and I surprised Daddy with a "Secret Outing".   First stop - Hawks Restaurant in Granite Bay where we enjoyed a Father's Day Brunch of Warm Ham and Cheddar Scones with whipped Maple Butter...I could have eaten just these and more of them...Tasty!!!  Tiger Shrimp Cocktail with lemon aioli, roasted Alaskan Halibut over Summer veggies, and for dessert....old fashioned ice cream sandwiches made of a dark chocolate wafer and peanut butter gelato...these of course, were Karly's favorite!  The atmosphere and service were great, making Hawks the perfect start to our "Secret Outing"!

We have been talking about going to Goat House Brewing for quite some time, so off we went, out 65 to Lincoln.  Getting there is a bit of a trek from Sacramento but once you arrive at Goat House Brewing you'll want to stay and enjoy the peaceful surroundings.  I found it so charming the minute we hit the gravel driveway just off Wise Road.  The red barn surrounded by lush trees, beautiful pond, and hops is the home to Goat House Brewery and tasting room.

Rebuilt in 2013 the barn has two large open doorways at each end letting the cool breeze travel through. The tasting room is comfortable and re-purposed lumber is the aesthetic.   The barn's redwood siding became the interior walls, and the planks for the tables were salvaged from the old Kezar Stadium in San Francisco.


Owners Michael and Catherine Johnson grow hops on site as well as fruit orchards - their children had their own fruit stand inside the tasting room selling plums - 4 for a dollar...Karly loved purchasing the plums so we could make a plum tart!  On site there is a donkey, goats, baby chicks, turtles, and their dog Georgia. So, while Kevin and I sampled their 9 brew line up Karly got to experience the wonders of a small Nano Brewers farm. 

The tasting line up;
Menage- a Belgium Triple with lots of citrus from their orchard
Honeyweizen - a Hefeweizen brewed with local honey
Cream Sickle - a cream ale with a bite of farm fresh oranges and vanilla (Our Favorite!)
Tres Gardenias - an homage to the hop flower
Dirty Redhead - sour...wasn't my fav
Sweet Georgia - a big malty brown ale with a sweet finish
Aye! P.A. - a Scottish IPA slightly smokey & hoppy
Darkside -
Badonkadonk - a Barleywine with attitude

We liked all of these for different reasons though a  few stood out as our favorites...Cream Sickle, Sweet Georgia, and Badonkadonk.

At Goat House Brewing you won't find a big screen with the current game on, but fabulous music in the background, a wonderful breeze that whisks your cares away, beautiful surroundings, charming and oh so friendly owners, and a reprieve from city life. 

Go...Enjoy...Taste....You'll love it!

Goat House Brewing Co
600 Wise Road
Lincoln, CA. 95648

Tasting Room Hours
Thursday-Friday 2:00PM-6:00PM
Saturday-Sunday 11:00AM-4:00PM
Call or email for reservations as space is limited

Apr 22, 2014

51 Things that Turn 50 in 2014

  1. Jeopardy
  2. Buffalo Wings
  3. Hess Truck
  4. "Smoking May Be Harmful"
  5. The British Invasion
  6. The Ford Mustang
  7. Sandra Bullock
  8. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
  9. Plasma Display Screens
  10. Liquid Crystal Display
  11. Dr. Strangelove: Or, How I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb
  12. Daredevil
  13. Draft Card Burning
  14. The Underdog Show
  15. The 8 Track Cartridge
  16. Jonny Quest
  17. Moon Photos
  18. "You Really Got Me"
  19. The Adams Family
  20. The Munsters
  21. G.I. Joe
  22. Permanent Press
  23. Carbon Dioxide Laser
  24. U.S. State Lottery
  25. The Good Friday Earthquake
  26. Gilligan's Island
  27. Zambia
  28. Lenny Bruce's Prosecution
  29. Hello Dolly
  30. Nelson Mandela's Prison Sentence
  31. Bewitched
  32. Italy Asks How to Stop The Tower of Pisa from Leaning
  33. Comics Conventions
  34. Flipper
  35. Mary Poppins
  36. The Jackson 5
  37. Lucky Charms
  38. The Houston Astros
  39. Goldfinger
  40. Basic
  41. Sri Chinmoy in America
  42. The Moog Synthesizer
  43. Ali versus Liston
  44. After the Fall
  45. Satellite Broadcasting Live to the U.S.
  46. "Daisy"
  47. A Fist Full of Dollars
  48. The Wizard of ID
  49. The Warren Report
  50. The U.S. Civil Rights Act
  51. Me!
I see that I am in good company and really don't mind the number...after this week I'll just stop talking about it and go back to the age my daughter thinks I am....18! :-)