Jun 25, 2008

Bark at the Park - State Capital Grounds. We met Uno!

Today Stella and I went to Bark at the Park with our friends Megan, Debbi and Roxy. Bark at the Park was put together by CDOC(Concerned Dog Owners of California)and took place on the West steps of the State Capital.

The mission of Concerned Dog Owners of California is to provide information and education to elected officials and others so that legislation and regulation will promote the health, well-being and appropriate care of all dogs, protect the rights and responsibilities of dog owners and breeders, and support responsible dog ownership.

It was a fun-filled day of Agility, Rally, and Police Dog Demonstrations. Everyone was excited to meet the Westminster Kennel Club's 2008 Best in Show winner Uno, and he seemed happy to be there!

We picnicked under the beautiful trees on the Capital grounds and the doggies greeted each other in their usual way. It was nice to see so many different breeds of dogs and their owners enjoying the day!

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