Jun 28, 2008

Taylors 100

Do you know about the Taylor's Market 100? Well, first of all, if you're not shopping there, you should be. Second, while you're shopping at Taylor's Market you'll see the "Taylor's 100" tags on items that are grown or produced within a 100 mile radius of Taylor's Market. Their goal is to highlight the "bounty of precious products" that are produced locally.

Within 100 miles we have such wonderful places such as Lake Tahoe, San Francisco, and the Napa & Sonoma Valleys. Taylor's Market recognizes this and purchases from some of the best farms in the world. To name a few; Delta Asparagus, Napa, Sonoma, and foothill wines, 5 dot beef, and Earth & Vine Provisions manufactured in Lincoln.


As you pass by Taylor’s you may notice a lot of construction activity. Taylor's Market is building a new production kitchen. There will be space for customers to sit down and enjoy their lunch, a dining facility will be available for rental as a private dining room catered by Taylor’s Market. Included in the construction are new larger facilities for shipping to accommodate the rapid growth of their internet sales department, larger offices, and handicap accessible public restrooms.

Taylor's Market is a neighborhood favorite! Next time you have a dinner party shop at Taylor's. They have the BEST meat counter, a HUGE selection of import and local cheeses (my favorite section!), a FABULOUS wine selection with a very knowledgeable wine buyer always willing suggest the perfect wine to go with your meal.

It's time to start shopping at Taylor's Market and support our local farms and manufacturers. I know you'll love it there!

Taylor's Market is loccated at 2900 Freeport Blvd. Sacramento

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