Nov 22, 2008

Hard Times...

Wow! What a Friday! I knew my day started off bad when nothing seemed to go right.

Flash forward to Friday night. While sharing a bottle of Story Champagne with my fellow past Zone employee, I learned that 11 people from The Zone were let go today. Standing out the most, Monica Lowe. OMG! I can’t believe it! Monica! She has been at the Zone since day one - she is the eyes and ears of that institution.

I do realize that we are on hard economic times, but for some reason, Infinity seems to find it easy to let all the good ones go. Bad decisions, and greed! Can they pick themselves back up? My hunch is they're selling out. New Owners. Format change? Consolidation? Who knows? It breaks my heart - Once one of the top radio stations in Sacramento now dwindling down to the bone. Here's to Corporate America tightening up their belts to make sure upper management gets their usual pay checks and bonuses. Just in time for the holidays. Nice! (sarcasm)

And more bad news - The Santa Parade- the first cancellation in 26 years! I also hear A Day in the Zone is cancelled as well. I’m sad for my friends that are still working at The Zone. I hope that all goes well and that their jobs are safe.
Chins up guys!

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