Oct 15, 2008

It's All Yoga

One of my favorite treats for myself is practicing yoga at It's All Yoga. I rely on the classes I take to help me learn more about yourself and my body. It's a sweet escape! I have found peace, happiness and balance in my body and my everyday life through yoga. I love the Web Scheduler where I can book my classes and view my own schedule on line. It's so easy and very convenient!

It's All Yoga is a Sacramento-based yoga studio and clothing line born out of the philosophy that "yoga is not just a class, it's a lifestyle!" It's All Yoga's mission is to provide a welcoming, safe and sacred space where those interested in learning and enjoying yoga can experience the gifts of this ancient practice. They strive to do business in an environmentally responsible manner, and work to provide students with inspiration and resources to promote individual and collective well being.

It's All Yoga offers classes in many different styles and flavors to meet you where you are each day.

Come explore the studio and discover for yourself that "it's all yoga!"

It's All Yoga
2405 21st Street
Sacramento, California

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