Jul 25, 2008

"Love My Dog, Love My Wine"

"Love My Dog, Love My Wine"
Carivintas Winery and animal shelters across the United States are proud to bring you the Dog Lovers Wine Club. This is your place to purchase premium wine and celebrate the unique bond we have with dogs. Each month they'll deliver to your doorstep a couple of bottles of wine made exclusively for you by award-winning California winemakers. No two of their wines will ever be the same.
You'll love the labels. Each month a new dog illustration is created just for that month's wine.

About Carivintâs Winery

"Caritas: charity (syn. philanthropy), an affection for giving to humanity [Latin]

Vin: wine [French]

Caritas + Vin: blending wine with philanthropy— Carivintâs"

Blending Wine with Philanthropy
"At Carivintâs, our wines and labels are the feature. The benefit to you is our culture of giving and our desire to create great wines. We have a passion for creating great wine and for working with and donating to non-profit organizations involved in the arts, sciences, and humanities. We put our partners first by furthering their mission and “paying forward” financially to the organization. We’re captivated by creating great wines and beautiful labels for you — Simply put, we blend the culture of giving into our wine. At Carivintâs Winery, our goals are very specific. We create our custom designed labels and premium quality wines to:

Pass forward a donation that will go to our sponsored organizations on a yearly, ongoing basis.
Promote your organization’s “Experience”.
Support and expand the mission and efforts of your organization."

About the Wine
"While Carivintâs Winery and our programs are relatively new in the wine industry, we partner with some of the best established and up-and-coming winemakers in California. Through our Guest Winemaker Program we work with established award-winning winemakers on a rotating basis. Each winemaker is tasked with creating one or more wines for our collections. To date we have consulted with the likes of Stephan Bedford (Bedford Thompson Winery), Ethan Lindquist (Ethan Wines), David Dascomb (East Valley Vineyards), and Daniel Cederquist (Balletto Vineyards, Deloach Vineyards [9 times Winery of the Year], et al).

We source the majority of our wines from Santa Barbara County. We will be expanding our reach to all areas of California and other regions, including international appellations, over the coming collections."

Carivintas Wine Clubs
As seen and heard on ABC NEWS NOW, in Southwest Airlines Spirit Magazine, XM Satellite Radio, and recently on

"Summer is a great time to celebrate with family and friends with a delicious glass of wine paired with a great BBQ.

Join any of their clubs—
Just $2 plus shipping for your first shipment!

A great treat for you, a family member or a friend . . . and shelter groups are supported by your purchase.

Host our unique "Wine Tastings"—
Get free gifts! Have a blast with friends and support dog organizations at the same time—

Wine tasting for you and your friends, dog-biscuit tasting for the pups, and much needed support for dog groups at the same time!"


Fleet said...

thanks for the post! we appreciate it

Fleet said...

Thanks for the post, we appreciate it!