Jun 3, 2008

JUNE 18th


The last meeting of the Local Government Committee before the deadline of June 27th to get AB1634 out of its first committee is June 18th. If Assemblyman Levine is to keep this bill alive (using the normal rules of the legislature) he has to present on this day.

Write to the five Senators on the Local Government Committee this week and let them know that Levine has not worked with any of the opponents as directed. Let them know that other jurisdictions that has considered this type of legislation have turned this down because they know that Mandatory Sterilization of young owned dogs unnecessarily penalized responsible dog owners and is bad for the health of dogs.

The proponents are trying to pretend that 80% of voters favor this law. But you'll note none of their ads claim support of mandatory spay and neuter. That is because poll after poll shows that voters reject government mandated sterilization of owned dogs 4 to 1.

Keep your schedules open so you can be in Sacramento on Wednesday, June 18th if this is put on the agenda.

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Dave C said...

Which scientific polls show opposition to AB 1634? Note that open polls on the internet where anyone can choose to vote and special interest groups can stuff the ballot box are not scientific.