Jun 3, 2008

Bark at Capitol Park

June 25th

Bark at Capitol Park

This exciting event, being held on the west steps at Capitol Park in Sacramento, is a celebration of dogs, all dogs, being sponsored by Concerned Dog Owners of California. Sacramento Mayor Heather Fargo has issued a proclamation proclaiming June 25th Dog Day. Some of the activities include

Meet the Breeds
Meet the Mutts
Agility Demonstration
Dancing Dogs
Dog Rescue Organizations
Flyball Canine Relay
Police Dogs/Military Dogs
Rally Obedience
Sheep Herding
Therapy Dogs
Pet Education
Dachshund Races

Uno will be there to greet dogs and attendees. This family oriented festival will also feature an essay contast. The winner of The Kennel Club's Friends for Life© award will highlight the amazing friendships shared between dogs and their owners. This is an opportunity for legislators to learn more about dogs, see all that dogs so and all we would lose if AB1634 were to proceed.

For more information please go to Bark At The Capitol and mark your calendar for June 25th.

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Anonymous said...

We are definately going! I hope we'll get some followers!