Aug 31, 2012

A letter to Grammy

Dear Grammy,

The other night Karly and I watched The Sound of Music for the very first time together.  I was so surprised to see Karly's eyes glued to the screen.  She was so entranced with the singing, dancing and kids that nothing could distract her.  I was so excited, as it is my all time favorite movie introduced to me by you.  I remember going to the theater with you to see was part of our special Grammy and Kelly time.  Every time I see this movie I think of you and the fun times we shared.  I only wish you could meet Karly - our beautiful blue eyed little girl.  I know you would love her and she you.

As Karly grows I will tell her all about you and how special our relationship was.  She now uses the pooh bear plate and bowl you made me when I was little.  I tell her "Grammy made this for mommy when I was little just like you".  Karly replies with an energetic "yes!"

Karly will grow to know you, see your pictures, and know how much I love you.


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