Jun 14, 2011

We finally did it!

Ahhh, a glass of wine and the Eagles!
Finally!  We have moved into our new house.  This was probably one of the worst moves I have ever done!  Being that the new place is only 5 doors down from the old...I thought it would be easy.  Ha!  Plus moving while taking care of an infant is tough!  Slowly but surely everything is finding its place and everyday we feel a bit more settled.

Karly loves her new room and Stella is as happy as can be with tons of sunny locations to dognap.  It's a beautiful house masterfully created and built by Kevin.  As for me, there are still things to get done and I'm happy when everything is in its place!  I think I see the light at the end of the tunnel...

The new dining room full of boxes

Karly keeping busy while Mommy packs boxes
An empty dining room

Mark & Kevin Beverly Hillbillying it while Roxy supervises

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