May 13, 2010

Recycling Theft – It’s Costing You

Tired of scavengers rummaging through your recycle and garbage cans? I am tired of the noise late at night and early in the morning, the trash left strewn about, not to mention...the ones scavenging during the day in broad daylight brazen enough to walk down a driveway to go through cans are NOT friendly! Is it going to stop? Probably not.

From the SacBee:

Sacramento makes it a crime to scavenge in recycling bins:

Scavenging through city recycling bins is now illegal.

The Sacramento City Council voted to make it illegal to dig through the blue recycling containers placed in front of homes. It had previously been illegal to go through garbage bins only.

The new ordinance passed, 6-3, despite comments from more than a half-dozen people who said the law would harm the homeless, many of whom rely on money from trading in cans and bottles to pay for clothing and food.

"I don't think it's a law we need," said Councilman Rob Fong. "I don't think it's a humane thing."

Opponents also said the ordinance would cost money by forcing the police to enforce the restriction.

"If there's something in there that (the homeless) can sell, let them have it," said Councilwoman Bonnie Pannell. Pannell, Fong and Councilman Kevin McCarty voted against the ordinance.

Allowing scavenging through recycling bins "can result in identity theft, injuries to the scavengers, waste being strewn about the surrounding areas, containers being left open to emit foul odors, attract animals and pests, and theft of recyclable material," according to a city staff report.

Take a look at what Santa Cruz is doing.


Lydia said...

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the defender said...

Look!!!!I think those of you who STREOTYPE the people doing the recycling should stop and talk to the people. You'll find they're just like you or me. RED BLOODED AMERICANS! Some are Vets. Some are just ordinary citizens who vote and pay taxes also but in a slump do to the economy. You think criminalizing it will make an impact? If you do you're wrong. If they have to recycle they can't pay the fines. Then what? Jail? Criminal record? Where are we? Nazi Germany? Russia? NO! The USA! I say MORE POWER TO THEM! I'd rather they get the (deposit) I paid on the material not the peolpe who got us into this economic mess in the first place. You think it will never be you or your kids out there. Think again. It can happen to anyone. Are you in your childhood dream job right now? I doubt it. Neither are they. So; talk to them. They're people, not walking plagues or dregs of humanity. Most are friendly. Don't be scared; they don't bite. Say hi. You'll be surprised who they are. They're not your enemy. Thy're your neighbors,sons,fathers,daughters,mothers,cousins,uncles. Some are those who gave blood for your freedom too. Think about that next time you see them!

Anonymous said...

I found this blog by doing a search for Sacramento Recycle Thefts. We also have been annoyed by the rummaging, clinking and trash strewn about in our front yard. We figured, like some, that it was tolerable because of the plight of those who chose to engage in this activity for money. Now they have resorted to simply stealing our entire can. They just roll it off and it never returns. We have to wait a week, sometimes two before a replacement can is brought out and it is stolen again the first time we put it out. We are really sick of it and are wondering what to do. These people are simply criminals and defending them as vets and more is ludicrous as if that position had merit we could defend all criminals in this way.