Jan 25, 2010

FilterForGood and Surfrider Foundation Promote Clean Water

Take action to ensure healthier water for us, our communities and the world

Water - it's all around us... From the high mountain streams of Colorado, to the still lakes of Minnesota, down the mighty Mississippi River and the vast oceans off our nation's coast, all water is connected. It is constantly moving; traveling from summit to sea, where it is evaporated back up into the atmosphere before falling back to earth as rain or snow, starting the whole journey all over again.

Every living thing relies on water. That's why the Surfrider Foundation has partnered with FilterForGood – to help ensure that our nation's waterways stay clean and healthy for generations to come. However we can't do it alone. Join FilterForGood and the Surfrider Foundation in their effort to connect the drops to show Americans why small changes truly make a difference.

Here are a few simple ways to take action right now:
Take the FilterForGood pledge to reduce bottled water waste and purchase a BPA-free FilterForGood Surfrider Foundation reusable bottle to show your support. Avoiding disposable plastic bottles is a simple change that can have a great impact if everyone gets involved.

Donate to the Surfrider Foundation on Facebook. Brita and Nalgene will donate $100,000 to Surfrider and we're encouraging Facebook users to match that donation by the end of 2010.

Talk to your family and friends about cutting down on bottled water waste and other trash. Help younger family members and students learn about the life cycle of trash with these educational and fun activities.

Join the Surfrider Foundation. With more than 70 chapters nationwide, Surfrider members are the leaders in keeping our waterways clean. Participate in one of Surfrider's local clean-up events, or better yet, organize one of your own.

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