Dec 1, 2009

A Beautiful Day For Wine Tasting in Carmel Valley!

It was a beautiful sunny day in Carmel Valley on Saturday as we joined our friends Angel, Laura, and Lola for a bit of wine tasting.

We began at Boete Winery. The Saunders Vineyard is nestled on the eastern edge of Carmel Valley, a boutique winery producing tasty Estate grown Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc. Next, we hit the cluster close to the Village - Heller Estate Organic Vineyards, Talbott Vineyards, and Georis Winery. We truly enjoyed the warm sunny porch at Heller as we sipped some nice Merlots and Pinot Noirs.

The patio at Talbott Winery is always an inviting place to sit and sip stellar wines. Stella and Lola were happy to sit and enjoy the sunshine in the enclosed gates and people watch. The four of us and the two beautiful brindal boxer girls had lunch next door in the Corkscrew Cafe garden as we sipped Georis's five flight Merlots and Cabs.

With time enough for one more tasting stop, we walked over to Joyce Vineyards located in the Lyonshead Art Gallery in Carmel Valley Village. At the Joyce tasting room they offer an estate tasting of a cabernet, merlot and pinot noir; a non-estate tasting that allows you to chose five non-estate wines including chardonnay, syrah, cabernet, merlot and three varietals of pinot noir; and a combination of two estate and five non-estate wines.

Great day! Over too fast! Carmel Valley always leave you wanting more!

Until next time... Cheers!

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