Sep 18, 2009

Try the Cucumber Martini at Iron Steaks

Iron Steaks on Broadway & 13 street is finally open. Last night after "Shuck'em & Shake'em at Scott's, we decided we should stop by for a cocktail and check the place out.

We ordered a beer while we scanned the menu. Our neighbor to the right of us had ordered a Cucumber Martini and the bartender was kind enough to make a little extra for us to try. Now this was no ordinary martini...I do believe it is my new favorite! This Cucumber Martini is made with Hendrick's Gin from Scotland (infused with cucumber and rose petals) and a dash of simple syrup. Sooo Tasty! The same patron also shared a taste of his Alexander Valley Cab, which served up red fruit flavors, lasting on the palate, and a smooth finish. We did not try the food but will be back. The crab cakes and wagu skewers look fabulous!

For the first two weeks Iron is doing what is called a “soft opening.” This means that the dining room will be at partial capacity so that each party can relax and soak in the full flavor of the restaurant. Iron has a full bar serving standard classics, specialty cocktails, beer and wine. The wine list prices are reasonable but if you have special bottle, there is no corkage fee. Nice!

Owner Bill Taylor is a native Sacramentan and,(Go Big Red!) a McClatchy graduate. Opening Iron in his old neighborhood, Land Park has fulfilled his dream to become part of the landscape of the city. Bill also opened Willie’s Burgers in 1991 and the second on Arden Way in 2003.

For reservations call 737-5115 and walk-ins are always welcome!

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stephanie taylor said...

I'm so happy that you love the Cucumber Martini. It's my favorite too, as I'm quite sure it's healthier. I'm also thrilled that you had a friendly, welcoming experience at our bar, with both the bartender and other patrons. We want Iron to be the kind of place to bump into friends & to make new friends. We're just moving out of the soft opening phase. The place was hopping last night. Come back soon to share a high value, tasty meal!