Aug 12, 2009

Midtown Tuesday Evening Fun

Yesterday Kevin and I hit the California Museum for our second viewing of "With Malice Toward None" the Abraham Lincoln exhibit before it closes on August 22nd. If you haven't seen this exhibit, I would suggest you go, it's so worth while! The museum closes at 5P...just in time for Happy Hour at Il Fornaio!
While sipping prosecco we noshed on the free hors d'oeuvers that Il Fornaio graciously sets out from 5p-7p - tasty bruschetta, stuffed mushrooms, and polenta. We talked with executive Chef Bruno Amato about his cooking classes and quickly put our name in for the November 21st Seafood cooking class and the Frank Family Winery dinner.

We bid farewell to Il Fornaio and headed to Midtown for a leisurely tour of fun new dining establishments.
We walked in to Sapporo Grill located in the old Firestone building at 16th & L Streets. We were pleased with the beautiful use of space and terrific service we received. We ordered one of our favorite brews, Firestone DBA and looked over the expansive menu. We settled on the Poki Salad and the Salmon Fiesta (highly recommended by our bartender). Great suggestion! The Salmon Fiesta was fabulous! Great fresh flavors and quality of the salmon was superb!

On to the next... a quick stop and not our first in to beautiful MIX for another Firestone DBA and to see if our friends Mason or Albe were around. Sitting at the bar to the side of the outdoor patio, we lavished in the chic surroundings while a warm Sacramento breeze blew through the large open doorways and made us feel like we were on vacation somewhere far away. We quickly fell into deep conversation about our home remodel, and new event ideas.

Leaving MIX we walked down the long flight of stairs wondering how many people have fallen down them after one too many...just a silly thought...

In we strolled to De Vere's Irish Pub. Our bartender was awesome suggesting different ideas from the menu. We ordered a traditional Irish brew and "Granny's Shepard's Pie". Tasty! We had the opportunity of talking with one of the brothers DeVere White - Simon. Just a pleasant conversation that made us feel at home and want to come back to DeVere's again, and again, and again. We will be back Simon... and this time for Shepard's pie "pub style"! Slainte!

By now it was nearly 11pm. Satisfied, we headed home and talked about how lucky we are to live blocks away from Midtown... a playground full of culinary delights!

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