Dec 20, 2008

Thursday Night at Grange Restaurant

Thursday night Kevin and I along with my Mom and Step Dad, my Sister and her husband Steve went to check out Grange at the Citizen Hotel. Grange showcases the wonderful foods and wines we have here in California! With an all-California wine list we enjoyed perusing the wine list broken down by region with coordinating maps. Very clever! It was easy to find wines that we like, or new ones we wanted to try.

We started with the Frito Misto, which offered wonderful flavors of lemon, onions, and herbs with the squid, white fish and shrimp. We also shared the flatbread & goat cheese as well as the ahi tartare. Kevin and I shared the Dungeness Crab Salad and were sad that the portion was so small...we wanted more! The Beet and Arugula salad was a hit! The mix of arugula, beautiful red beets and goat cheese was wonderful!
For our entrees, upon the recommendation of our table neighbors,(Thank you Paty & Steven!) three of us ordered the short ribs. Oh my! They were pure heaven! Or as Paty put it, "they will rock your world!" Kevin ordered the swordfish which was a nice clean, fresh and flavorful dish. My sister had the Dungeness Crab Salad, and my Mom ordered the risotto. At the end of our meal I was so impressed with the nicely place Grange/Joie de Vivre business card with our server Tim Godby name on it.

We headed out into the rainy Sacramento night planning our next visit. Next time, it's Scandal!

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Anonymous said...

I love the Grange! It is definitly one of Sacramento's best. The food couldn't be better and the service will keep me going back!