Nov 26, 2008


Sadly, Thanksgiving has become somewhat of a lost holiday, sandwiched between the candy and costumes of Halloween and the lights and presents of Christmas. But Thanksgiving is a perfect time to count our blessings and focus on helping our each other develop an “attitude of gratitude.”

Gratitude is defined as a feeling of thankfulness and appreciation. “Thank you” probably ranks among the first phrases you learned as a child. Why? Not only because it is polite, but because we all want to feel appreciated. Thankful people are just more pleasant to be around. If that isn’t enough reason to focus on developing thankfulness, scientific studies have linked gratitude to mental and physical well-being. These studies show that grateful people report higher levels of life satisfaction, vitality, and optimism.

Remember to say thank you to your children, your spouse, the waitress who serves you in a restaurant, the clothing salesperson who helps you find the perfect outfit, etc. At the dinner table, make a practice of sharing the nice things about your day: the good things that made you smile, laugh, and feel good.

Take time to connect, personally, with friends and family; and take time for yourself.
Before the chaos begins, take time to count your blessings - What are you grateful for? Share your gratitude as a reminder of what is most important in your life.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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