Jul 16, 2008

An Incredible Journey...

As I sit down to write this, my friends Barb & Albe are on an airplane to China. Barb & Albe are embarking on an exciting new journey. They are traveling to China to pick up their baby girl Milly May Wong. I find myself thinking about what they must be going through...the excitement, the anticipation, the nerves. It's frightening and blissful all rolled into to one!

We wish them a safe journey, an educational stay in China, and quick passage home to Sacramento. We look forward to meeting little Miss Milly May and watching Barb and Albe find a new life with a family of four. Oops! Did I say FOUR?? Yes! Barb & Albe will pack up again at the end of the year to fly to Taiwan to pick up their son Reese Alan Wong. How exciting is that?!!!

Barb, Albe, Milly May, Reese Alan, Molly(the dog), and Oliver (the other dog) we wish you all a happily ever after. Congratulations!

Please help us welcome Milly May Wong (left) and Reese Alan Wong (right)

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