Jun 3, 2008


The mission of Concerned Dog Owners of California (CDOC) is to provide information and education to elected officials and others so that legislation and regulation will promote the health, well-being and appropriate care of all dogs, protect the rights and responsibilities of dog owners and breeders, and support responsible dog ownership.

MSNBC Confirms Pet Sterilization Raises Health Concerns
In every venue where Concerned Dog Owners of California opposes Mandatory Spay and Neuter our message has been the same. It is bad for the health of dogs and it does not work.
When poor health outcomes were brought up at the Los Angeles City Council Meeting, Judy Mancuso led her supporters in a derisive demonstration. But all those tactics do not obviate the fact that now teaching and research veterinarians at 26 major universities have come out with studies showing the negative effects of early spay and neuter.
It is good to see the mainstream media are beginning to understand how bad this is for dogs. And the polls show that this is not something most Americans want. This is not what responsible dog owners do to puppies.
Join CDOC is promoting the health and well-being of dogs. Make sure that you send a copy of this report, along with a personal letter to your State Senator and your local officials.

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