May 3, 2008

Did You Know...

Household Batteries, Fluorescent Tubes, Mercury Switches, Electronic Devices

Effective February 8, 2006 residents were no longer able to put household batteries, fluorescent tubes, and other universal wastes into their garbage container. After this date, residents must take these materials to a household hazardous waste collection facility or a recycling facility. For information on facilities in the Sacramento area that accept these materials, click on the “Universal Wastes” link below. For more information on “Universal Wastes”, what they include and how and where to properly dispose of them, click on the “3 minute video” link.
Universal Wastes
DTSC – Universal Wastes Questions and Answers
DTSC – Expiration of Temporary Disposal Exemptions
3 Minute Video (256 k)
3 Minute Video (512 k)

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