Dec 5, 2012

Meeting Santa for the first time...

With Thanksgiving gone in a flash, we have found ourselves getting excited for Christmas!  We kicked off December with our Annual Harkness Street Holiday Progressive Party.  20 people...and we had the main course.  Yikes!  Lots of work, but fun!

Last night we went to Taylor's Market Holiday Open House for a little wine tasting, cheese sampling, and a visit with Santa.  Yes, it was Karly's first time meeting Santa.  As we walked in the door, she saw Santa standing there and screamed "SANTA!"  She was giddy with excitement! Not at all as I thought she would be...timid and afraid. 

She sat on Santa's lap and this is their conversation: Santa - "Have you been a good girl Karly?"  Karly: "Yes!"  Santa:  "What would you like me to bring you for Christmas?"  Karly:  "Apple Pie!"

Well, I wish it was that simple!  So, Christmas Eve I'll be busy making Apple Pie. :-)